How We Do It

Our Firm

It’s not personal, it’s business...
To us...Our Business is Personal


Our Approach

Utilizing a Holistic Financial Wellness philosophy, we approach and develop an individual’s financial plan from a total wellness perspective. Through a series of meetings, we will dive deep in to your priorities, lifestyle, resources and dreams, and together, we will design a map for your future financial health. After implementing your customized plan, we provide ongoing monitoring, reviews and support to make any needed adjustments. Life changes, and we will be there every step of the way.

Why are we unique?

You have many options when choosing your financial professionals. At SalmonFelte we pride ourselves on using advanced practices, tools and products that provide you with an exceptional level of service. We are at the cutting edge of our industry and always strive to create the most value for our clients and their families. We have a full team waiting to assist you and look forward to creating relationships with our clients that will continue for many years and generations to come.

Core Values

These three concepts describe the work that we do with our clients at SalmonFelte. Today, managing your financial resources to fit your life needs, concerns and goals are more complex than ever. We strive to give you the confidence that we are working on your behalf by providing you with:


We never forget that a client is a person, a business or a family and not their portfolio or insurance policy. We believe our work is to help individuals and families make the best use of the financial resources they have.


Making a financial decision isn’t easy…We help clarify the decision making process by talking through every step and detail until you are comfortable and certain what direction to take.

Peace of Mind

As your financial professional, we follow a well developed process that helps simplify the important decisions you’ll make. Our goal, is for you to feel protected, confident and comfortable in where you’re headed; allowing you to focus on enjoying your life in the here and now.

Our Commitment


Your trust is not something we take lightly. Having tough conversations is what truly develops the client/financial professional relationship.


We treat our clients as if they are family.


Your best interest is always our focus. No gimmicks, just facts.


Strategy can be more important than product. It’s not about being there, it’s about getting there.


Staying up to date with education and training keeps us on the cutting edge.


Utilizing technology allows us to be as efficient as possible.


Solutions are not a one size fits all solution. Every scenario is unique and so are our solutions.


We take service seriously. Our diligent team follows up on everything until it’s completely resolved from A to Z.

Our Process